Hokkaido is also famous at Suites Hotel.  

    There is an iced shop where it's a little good in the outskirts in Chitose-shi.  

    If it isn't a car, you can't go easily, but still I'm bustling with a person.  

    I also have vanilla, the standard chocolate, something Japanese of adzuki beans and powdered green tea, corn and something able also to have many kinds a little different taste plum liquor and eat by a season, so without getting tired, you can enjoy yourself.  

    Everything is good, it's sour personally and Hasukappu of the refreshing taste is recommended in particular. (Hasukappu is wide by Hokkaido and is a known fruit.) 

    When I'm lucky at a store, I may also meet a friendly cat;) 

    A lawn also is beautiful and is an abundant place naturally, so it may be better to taste in a wind-up in the beginning of travel and the end in Hokkaido.  

    When boarding a wide camper if it's being crowded, it's solved!  

    If it's an ordinary car, a movement is the place it's difficult to get where, but such place is also one of the advantages of the camper, isn't it?  

    It's juxtaposed, and I have pizza a shop and am sometimes selling vegetables direct to sale of homemade attachment and jam.  

    How about dropping in by all means?  








    In Hakodate


      Speaking of Hakodate is famous for Goryokaku Park, 
      There are other famous sightseeing spots in Hakodate which is popular for sightseeing 
      there are many. This time, I will introduce three of them. 
      Kanamori red brick warehouse, shopping mall in 1988 
      I was born again in a warehouse that doubled it. 
      Warehouse of wall like cobblestone road and red brick is Japan, but like a different country 
      You can taste the atmosphere. 
      Hakodate souvenir shops and other goods stores and Hakodate unique restaurants, 

      Facilities that can enjoy sightseeing are enriched 
      Yu River hot spring is one of Hakodate's famous spa towns. 
      There is "Monkeyama Onsen" in Hakodate city tropical botanical garden in the hot spring town. 
      It is very famous that the Japanese monkey gets its face red and enters a hot spring 
      It is a popular spot. 
      Please go to see it once healed. 
      By the way, as well as the hot springs where humans enter, the quality of spring well warmed 
      It is also recommended to heal the tiredness of the trip. 
      The Trapischine monastery is a girls' monastery founded in 1931. 
      It began with eight nuns of France. 
      Even today, nuns are offering prayers and can not watch 
      Some of the nuns' lives inside were introduced at the museum, 
      You can visit a beautiful garden. 
      There are also shops, miscellaneous goods such as angel or Maria postcards and plates 
      Things you can wear such as cross pendants, something you can make for souvenirs 
      I sell it. Trapisutinu Cookie is delicious and famous. 

      Although it is such Hakodate, if it pains, if it is a camper car from Chitose 
      It is also advisable to drive slowly. 
      There are plenty of spots you would like us to visit by all means on the way. 
      Eat crab meal famous for Oshamanbu, famous for hamburgers 
      Stop by lucky clown and gourmet is enriched, 
      If you enjoy seeing, Matsumae Castle and others are also famous. 
      If Hakodate has plenty of places to watch, it's definitely a camping car 
      I think that it is better to drive by using it. 

      In Masyu Lake


        The cleanest lake in Japan, the world's second largest water, Mashu Lake is in Hokkaido. 
        Lake Mashu is a caldera lake in Akan National Park in Teshikaga Town, Hokkaido Kawakami gun. 
        That beauty is exactly the best view in Japan. 
        When the water is transparent and seen from the top, it is very blue, the surrounding mountains are reflected on the surface of the water 
        I am making a wonderful view. 
        Lake Mashu is so called "lake Mashu of fog", it can be said that mist is built in 
        It is also famous for many things. It seems that mist is hanging for 100 days a year. 
        Those who met Lake Mashu on a sunny day are lucky. 
        However, Lake Mashu which is foggy is also very mysterious and beautiful, 
        The worth seeing is terrible. 
        Lake Mashu has three observation platforms, but the first time I recommend it for tourism, 
        It is the first observation platform. 
        It is said that the whole is overlooking easily, it is a landscape that seems to be Mashuhoko. 
        However, if there is time to spare, other observation platforms, also view from a different angle 
        I think that it is good to go as it can be seen. 
        By the way, at a distance of less than one hour from Mashuho, it is called "God's Pond" 
        Mysterious created by the underground water of Mashuu Lake 

        In the blue cave in Otaru


          Although it is a famous blue cave in Italy, in fact, also in Hokkaido 
          Did you know that there is a blue cave? 
          The blue cave in Hokkaido is the blue cave in Otaru. 
          It is a special place that you can go only with small boats and sea kayaks. 
          First of all, please go to Otaru's Shioya place. 
          Shioya is a place about 20 minutes by car from Otaru city center. 
          There are several companies that are offering tours of sea kayaking and small ships there. 
          Before going, it may be smooth if you make those tours online. 
          The fee seems to be able to be around 5000 to 6000 yen for adults. 
          Aside from enjoying the sight from arriving at the blue cave, 
          It is characterized by being able to enjoy the thrilling adventure feeling of the route before reaching. 
          While passing through the cliff walls of the cliff and feeling the splashed waves, 
          It is really like an adventurer to aim for your destination. 
          Then, discovering the blue cave and entering, you can see the sight that is far from everyday 
          You can see. 
          Justly a world of light and blue. 
          The rugged appearance of the cave that the bats are living in, and the natural creatures are not artificial 
          If you see it, it will surely get excited. 
          Even if we have finished watching the blue cave, the tour will take time and take time. 
          There is play fun. 
          By the way, it takes about 1 hour for a small boat and about 3 hours for a sea kayak. 
          The Italian blue cave is a tour with a slightly different experience and sight 
          Once you join, I think it will be a good memory. 
          Where to get there in 12 minutes from Shioya, there is a white sandy beach called the Lan island coast 
          There is a camping place called "Otaru Orchido Coast Sakura Garden & Cottage". 
          Go on a camper now and play on your beautiful beach 
          Why do not you enjoy the outdoor trip after the blue cave? 

          In Yotei Sugatami Pond


            There is Mount Yotei in the mountain representing Hokkaido. 
            You can see the maestroy of Mt. Yotei in the middle of the drive 
            Always feel very refreshing and feeling rising. 
            Not only to see Yotei such a drive along 
            I stuck to the angle and the surrounding scenery more, 
            If you want to see it from the best place, the best to shoot 
            There is a place of recommendation. 
            The place is called "Agri station" 
            Some places like eating and drinking establishment, like a road station 
            It is the view of Mt. Mt. Yotei as seen from the "Yotei Sugatami Pond" located nearby. 
            The collaboration between the pond and Mt. Yotei is very sacred, and the solemnity of Mt. Yotei is also 
            It is the best spot that you can feel. 
            If you look at the scenery, I think that you will feel worth it. 
            By the way, the food of "Agri Station" 
            "Farmer's side by side and Yotei mountain" and "Farmer's Western food restaurant Yaga Taa" also 
            Because you can eat delicious food of particular attention using spring water of Mt. Yotei 
            I recommend you try eating once. 
            And then I went ahead of it, "Makuru Fire Camp Site" 
            Because there is a beautiful campground called 'Camping car' there is one night 
            I think that it is wonderful. 
            Please try and enjoy the magnificent natural beauty of Hokkaido. 

            In Northern Horse Park


              Recommended for those who want to enjoy various things such as pastures, activities and shopping in the garden I have a spot.  

              It is within 15 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport, It is Northern Horse Park.  

              There are about 1000 varieties of flowers and a botanical garden with a size of 10,000 tsubo. 

              And after all, touching the horse as the name suggests, It is a facility that you can enjoy. 

              Small ponies show us various shows, There is also "Happy Pony Show".  

              You can ride a sightseeing carriage or a horse riding staff ride horseback riding experience. 

              Other experiences such as enjoying full-scale horseback riding, various You can enjoy experiences related to horses.  

              Also, there are courses where cycling can be done because the site is wide, Driving on a five-seater ride called a land car, There are lots of activities as well.  

              If you think you are hungry, the cafe is also full of restaurants.  

              There is also a buffet restaurant so you can taste the famous Genghis Khan of Hokkaido.  

              To buy souvenirs, horses of horses are also used as motif cookies and key holders, I do not get tired of watching from horse related goods to sweets.  

              Enjoy shopping, food and activities as much as you want, This place is really recommended here as a facility that you can play like Hokkaido.  

              By the way admission is 800 yen for adults, 400 yen for dwarfs, infants are free. 

              If you do camping by using a camper as well as accommodation I think that you can leave active and comfortable memories.  

              Feel free to enjoy Hokkaido with nature, with family and friends It will definitely be a good memory. 

              In The patchwork hill


                When I go to Biei, the first thing I want you to see is the patchwork hill.  

                A vast field spreads out to places where gently rolling hills stand, Because various crops are planted like big patchwork It is said to be a patchwork hill.  

                The crops growing every season also change, and where the scenery is completely different It is a highlight.  

                It will not get tired even if I go how many times.  

                The hill itself is now famous as a sightseeing spot, In the middle of the hill, the spot used in Japan's famous commercial There are some places.  

                None of them stand nestling in the hill, some trees are the leading role I will introduce three of them.  

                The three are "Seven Star's Tree" "Ken and Mary's Tree" "Parent-Child Tree" It is what is called.  

                "Seven Star Tree" is a tobacco CM as its name suggests, "Ken and Mary's Tree" was a skyline commercial, both of which were boom at the time.  

                "Parent-Child Tree" is cute though the large and small trees like parent and child are lined up, Whichever tree, if you look closely, there is nothing special Because it is an ordinary tree, as a spot to shoot, including the hills I recommend you to take a landscape from a distance.  

                If you can take it well, it really looks like a beautiful picture like a single postcard.  

                Because Biei has a station on the road called "Hill's Hula" It is also a matter of going on a relaxing trip with a convenient camper I think it's good.  

                While staying in Biei comfortably, you can keep the scenery that remembers as much as you want Please take a look. 


                DELICA D:5 D:POP





                  About『DELICA D:5 D:POP』


                  ■ Capacity

                   Boarding / 7〜8 people

                   Going to bed / 2〜4 people


                  ■  Size

                   Full length:4,730mm

                     Full width:1,790mm

                   Total height:1,870mm


                  ■  Pop-up roof setup


                  ■  Original · flat sheet


                  Image will be reference materials.



                  we recommend you , table and chair and lantern,flashlight .
                  Options listed below(Additional fee)


                  ■Child seat : Free
                  →Please tell us children's age

                  We will pick you up to New Chitose Airport.( included in the Rental charge)
                  Rental &return service will be our office.



                  For reservations, click here ☟



                  In Hitujigaoka


                    It is a place familiar as a sightseeing spot of Sapporo now, It is the shepherical observatory Originally, a part of the land created as an agricultural testing site was used as an observation platform It is a place that gradually became famous.  

                    In the pastoral landscape, we can often look into the lives of sheep.  

                    For residents of Hokkaido, Dr. Clark is famous for children and adults, In 1876 he took office as Sapporo Agricultural College and was called the father of Hokkaido cultivation I am making a feat.  

                    It is famous that you are adorning Dr. Clark as a bronze statue. If you came to Hikigaoka, first I will take a picture of a beautiful hill landscape and Dr. Clark's statue Let's take a memorial.  

                    And, because the landscape inside the Yogaoka Park is also beautiful every seasons and you can take plenty of beautiful scenery, Please enjoy the tour from various angels by all means. 

                     And you can eat delicious Genghis Khan in such Rikugaoka.  

                    Eating delicious Genghis Khan without odor while looking at magnificent scenery it's the best.  

                    Incidentally, the entrance fee for the shepherd hill observation deck is 520 yen for adults and 300 yen for dwarfs. 

                    Since there is a parking lot that stops a large car in Hikigaoka, It is also recommended to go with a camper.  

                    Traveling in Hokkaido with many campgrounds is very convenient, The subsequent trip will be meaningful and memorable.  

                    Since famous sightseeing area Rikigaoka can be said to be the basic place of Hokkaido I think that it is good to visit once. 


                    In Mt. Hakodateyama


                      If you come to Hokkaido, take a night view from Mt. Hakodateyama which is also selected as one of the world's three greatest night views 
                      I recommend you look at it. 
                      Mt. Hakodate used a highway from Chitose with New Chitose Airport, 
                      It takes more than 3 and a half hours, so it's not a day trip. 
                      Because it will be a long trip, here, to make the trip interesting, 
                      You ought to borrow a camper and slowly stay overnight at the campsite. 
                      First of all, it is not far from Mt. Hakodate that is recommended for that campground 
                      Shiraishi Park It is recommended that you stay overnight at the hakodate auto campground. 
                      The camper site has a 12 m long parking lot, power supply, water supply, sink, 
                      Facilities such as dump station (sewage drain outlet) are substantial. 
                      In any case, good access to Hakodateyama, well maintained 
                      In the pleasant campground, the sea view from the hill is wonderful every season 
                      It is a landscape. 
                      Then I will return to the subject. 
                      When around sunset, please head to Hakodate-yama. 
                      In Mt. Hakodate, there is a chargeable ropeway, round trip 1280 yen, 
                      You can climb to the summit at 780 yen each way. 
                      Or there is a climbing road so there is also a free parking lot for climbing, 
                      You can also go there by car. 
                      By the way, the ropeway has done thorough safety measures, barrier-free 
                      I am careful for the comfort of riding. 
                      As the sunset crowds with tourists, when the most beautiful night view is seen 
                      If you want to see a night view around 20 to 30 minutes after sunset, to be said, 
                      Let's wait at the summit earlier than that. 
                      Then, if you want to eat dinner while watching the night view, 
                      There is restaurant, too and it is from 7000 yen per person in full course, 
                      In that case I think that you can try making a reservation. 
                      In Hakodate's journey where you can fully enjoy the best night view, food and outdoor 
                      I want you to like Hokkaido more. 
                      You probably want to visit many times. 


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