House of Furuhayashi



    We share some photos taken by our customers.

    It is "Fruit Dream House" located in the station area of Kitami Road.

    There are 3 places worth to visit. Some wooden amusement appliances are provided in “Fruit Dream World”.

    “Wood craft shop” is the place you can make your ow craft.

    In addition, "Fruit Dream Shop” is displaying those crafts made by local wood.


    Shiba Zakura Takinoue Park



      In Hokkaido there are several places where turf Zakura spread like a carpet. 
      Among them, Shiba Zakura Takinoue Park in Takinoue-cho has a large area of mosaic cherry blossoms. 
      On one side, with a large site, it shows pink and white beautiful colors. 
      Everything seems to have been a small amount of turf crescent for one citrus box at the beginning of planting. 
      The view is from May to early June, it is a somewhat short period, but it is a very scenic landscape. 
      The Monbetsu region in Takinoue-cho is a part separated from Chitose and Sapporo, I think that it is close to the natural scenery as it is imaged as hearing with Hokkaido. 
      As you drive a camper from Chitose, the landscape that will gradually appear will change. 
      Perhaps it is a journey of a freely running camping car that may fully enjoy the richness of nature. 






      About Legard



        This time, we have increased 1 Legard.
        The solar panel is also installed.
        Campervan of ”RENTACAN”  is
        Since it carries solar light

        You can ride with confidence.



        Model name:REGARD





        * When using a toilet, it becomes an additional option of 5,000 yen separately as a cleaning fee.

        Yokohama Motor Sales
        Model name REGARD
        base Toyota Cameload
        Rear wide tread dedicated chassis
        Capacity 7 people riding capacity / recommended bed sleeping capacity 5 adults + 1 dwarf
        Displacement 2980CC
        Vehicle size Total length 535 cm / Overall width 200 cm / Overall height 280 cm




          I think Hakodate is ideal for travel.  

          If it's a season in spring, I think the cherry tree at Goryokaku is also beautiful.   

          You go flower viewing by a season and show me the atmosphere from which a fresh green leaf, colored leaves and snow were different.   

          Goryokaku is an asteroid fortress.   

          The landscapes I see from a tower are highlights.   

          Hakodate which is the land where Toshizo Hijikata necessary to Japanese history arrived.   

          A building of reproduction of the Shogunate and the time of the battle of Hakodate is also restored, and it would be possible to feel Japanese history imminently.   

          It's said that the tourist from foreign countries is also seen much in recent years, and it's popular.   

          In Hakodate, compromise between Japanese and European styles. A Japanese style and Western style, a kou ZATTA worldview is left.   

          When I run through streets before about 100 years by camper van now, I think you can touch the history full of exoticism.   

          Still the building Ippu changed will be to dissolve as the part of Hakodate with streets in Hokkaido of these days.   

          There is also a campsite for about 30 minutes from Hakodate-shi district, so I think you may stay by camper van.  

          How about sensing a romance of Japanese history? :)   



          Aoiike in Biei


            It is a blue pond in Biei-cho.
            On the beautiful water surface of Cobalt Blue, trees such as larch and white birch
            It is dead and standing.
            It is now a famous tourist destination in Hokkaido.
            Because how it looks changes at all because of weather and wind conditions
            I also understand that photographers stick around and shoot.
            If you go to Biei, please go to the blue pond by all means.

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            Garden in Biei-cho


              It is Hill of four seasons in tourist garden in Biei-cho, Hokkaido.

              In every seasonal flower garden that made use of the wide hilly area unique to Biei,
              From spring to autumn, you can enjoy flowers every season.

              It is wide so you can use the tractor bus and you can easily see the movement
              I will recommend it so.

              Between colorful colors and sweet smell of one side
              The magnificent air and the scenery are as if to heaven
              It makes me feel like it.

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              GPS service have been changed!!


                GPS service have been changed!!


                We already have heard from our clients that our clients

                that our GPS need to update.We put the tablet in our van.




                You can use google map with your native language in future😉😉😉
                Welcome to use the van and to travel in Hokkaido.

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