It is Hokkaido University General Museum


    What is Hokkaido University General Museum    


    It is a free museum which can be reached in about 10 minutes on foot  

    from Sapporo Station North Exit. 


     I will introduce the contents renewed in July 2016.    


    About that history  


    In 1884 (Meiji 17), the Sapporo Agricultural College was established with  

    the botanical garden than the pioneering agency  


    We got the museum in the park, and the attached museum was realized here.  


    The establishment of a general museum has been studied since 1966 (Showa 41).  


    The main building building of the Faculty of Science is reused as a  

    general museum, and a total of approximately 9,000 m 2  


    The idea of making it a general museum was settled, and in 1999 (FY 1999)  


    Installation was approved by the Ministry of Education.    


    About exhibits  


    【Permanent exhibition】  


    Starting with the history exhibition of our university since Sapporo Agricultural School, 12 exhibits by faculties etc. "Hokkaido University now", using exhibits with five senses Hands-on exhibition to enjoy and introduce academic materials of the museum Continue to "the world of academic specimens".   Other exhibitions and other exhibitions will be displayed for various periods only for various genres It is hosted.    


    【About impressions】  


    As a comment I saw, firstly, since it is a very historical building, I felt that the building itself was lovely and wonderful. And the exhibits were tried variously according to the season It is a content that exhibition has been done and I do not get tired of going to see it. Every faculty of Hokkaido University, which has a long history in Hokkaido Because I am exhibiting about Hokkaido University, I also know Hokkaido I think it will be very useful. It is very recommended for sightseeing It was a place. Since then, a new museum cafe that offers snacks and drinks was established, Privately citizens and tourists were very easy to snuggle, and it was fun.