Volta workshop


    How about increasing travel companions on a trip to Hokkaido? 
    Muroran has a place called Volta workshop. 
    There are iron dolls called "Volta" and "Nutty" born from bolts and nuts. 
    They are individually soldered and handcrafted, they are rich in personality and very charming. 
    Even the same work, the impression changes little by little because of handmade. 
    There are Volta who dressed as bicycle riding, guitar playing, Sengoku warrior or ninja. 
    There is also a hands-on classroom, you can experience simple tasks and create Volta. 
    If such a voltage is lined up on the window side and looking at the scenery together, would not it be more attached? 
    Even if you put Volta, the camper is still comfortable as there is still room. : - D 

    Abuta Toyako IC About 8 km from IC, there is Greenstay Toyako which can see the lake side. 
    It is convenient because there is facilities dedicated to the camper.