In Shiroi Koibito Park


    In the white sweetheart park, like Sapporo's sweets "white boyfriend" like manufacturing  

    There is a factory walk that you can see. 

    I know that it is regularly and carefully made in the manufacturing room full of cleanliness  

    A sense of security of "white lover" is transmitted. In addition, there are places where you can experience sweets making, big heart  

    You can make "white lover". Since you can paint freely with chocolate pen,  

    It will be the original memorial and the price is reasonable, I'd recommend it.  

    In addition, there are many facilities, so the event and appearance change according to the season  

    It is packed with fun.  

    By the way, on the way to the drive break, there is also a camping place called Jozankei Nature village.Camping cars are also recommended at such times. 

    There are various cafes, restaurants, take-out shops,  

    Even if I am hungry, there is nothing trouble and it was delicious.  

    Since there are many best shooting spots to put on SNS,  

    It seems to be fun to find your own walking route while having fun.  

    Roses are blooming in summer, Illumination is beautiful in winter  

    Why do not you visit "White Lovers Park" by all means?