In Higashikawa


    Higashikawa is a town located at the foot of the Daisetsuzan mountain range "Asahidake."

    Not to mention being impressed by its majestic nature, Besides, you can experience fancy cafés and any handmade items There are craft roads and other places, and it is a town that puts emphasis on sightseeing.

    Among them, I would like to introduce you, the first is Asahi-dake ropeway. Asahi-dake is a climatic ground of alpine plants, with colorful flower and leaf color every season You can enjoy changing times.

    Even without taking a ropeway, there is a walking course of 1.7 km a week, Collaboration between the mountain and the plant seen from there is very nice.

    There are many spots to take pictures.

    And for the break to Asahi-dake ropeway, on the way, Since there is a station of Mikasa no way, I relax with a camper It will be fun to go when you go by a drive.

    The craft roadway is a workshop where you can experience handmade experience starting from KITTO Forest Park It is scattered in the distance of about 5 km. Since it will arrive within 1 hour from Asahidake Ropeway, It is just right for the drive course.

    If you make your own homemade work making in nature, I think that there is no mistake in memories of the trip. A place where the majestic nature of Hokkaido can be enjoyed relatively easily, Higashikawa is really beautiful and recommended place.