Grass · Forest in Furano


    Grass · Forest in Furano
    Transparent feeling and delicate glasswork.
    Many glassworkers are on sale here.
    You can also experience creative experiences such as miniature dome and gel candle.
    Those that have a hole in a glass ball are called "tombo dama", but you can also experience the production experience.
    "shibare Glass" with artistic fine cracks that imaged diamond dust is also beautiful.
    There are also many works named after the lucky and festival of Japan, so you do not have to worry about souvenirs.
    Created in Furano, only one work in the world.
    Why do not you look at it for the first time?


    And if you came to Furano, please go to the road of the roller coaster.
    Since it is a large straight road of up / down, you can feel like a very powerful roller coaster.
    Of course it is a road and you can only experience cars and bicycles.
    Especially, if you are a camper, it is spacious and you do not have to worry about colliding with each other, so I think you can have a fun experience.
    Regarding accommodation, if you are in the vicinity of Furano, I think that you should consider centering on the road station "Mibuka".
    It is convenient because there are campgrounds called hot spring facilities and forest park Biwako Island nearby.