In Cape Kamui


    If you say the cape, it is God Rising Cape that you should not forget.  

    Cape Kami is in Shakotan in Hokkaido.  

    You can see the beautiful ocean of emerald color called Shakotan Blue.  

    And the Cape Peninsula, which protruded to the sea, first comes from the "girls forbidding the women" Let's look at it.  

    The beauty of the interior of the green of the peninsula and the color of the sea will exceed the imagination.  

    And someone who has time goes through the boardwalk, watching the Sea of Japan on both sides Please walk to the end of the cape after walking for about 20 minutes on one way.  

    You can see the 300 degree horizontal line rounded at the very tip.  

    When arriving here, everyone should feel "the earth is round".  

    Then, if your stomach is decreasing, since it is shakeda after all, I think it would be better to eat sea urchins.  

    The restaurant that I can recommend delicious bowl of rice is Misaki Cafeteria.  

    I have never eaten such fresh and milky sea urchins.  

    Of course I'd recommend a bowl of rice, but I enjoy both sea urchin and sea urchin, There is also a bowl of sea urchin, so we recommend that too.  

    Then, if you come by a drive, go through National Route 229, Running while watching the sea on the coastline gives it the best feeling.  

    Even if you take a camping car and make a trip overnight in the car, It is awesome to become a special trip.  

    A good point of Shakotan A god cape is the best in a journey of a comb.