Takino Suzuran Hill Park.


    Depending on the time, crocuses, tulips and daffodils are blooming all over gentle slopes. 
    A place where you can enjoy a beautiful sight. 
    Takino Suzuran Hill Park. 
    In this green rich place, many creatures also inhabit. 
    Small animals such as foxes and squirrels, birds, insects and reptiles may be seen. 
    Enjoy not only nature but also activities. 
    One piece called a valley of children has a variety of things such as a long slide and play materials made of soft material, and the best hut for hide and seek. 
    Especially if you are a child of elementary school age, will not you want to leave from that place? 
    Adults and children can respond to both needs, and anyone can enjoy it. 
    I went to visit the other day 
    At that time, 1 year, 365 days worth of pansies and violas were adorned in the garden and I took pictures of flowers corresponding to my birthday and anniversary. 
    Dresses made of flowers in torso also were decorated and were beautiful. 


    It seems there are activities unique in winter in winter, so it seems that you can play all year round. 
    Although it is in Sapporo, nature is very rich and the site is wide, so it will not turn around in a very day. 
    In such a case, please use the auto campground named Auto Resort Takino where the park is open. 
    Camping - I'm happy for cars, I can spend comfortably as there are individual cooking facilities, water supply and sewerage, kitchenette etc.