In Snow Peak Tokachi Polosiri Campfield


    If you fully enjoy nature in Hokkaido, how about camping in Tokachi?  

    This time we will introduce Snow Peak Tokachi Polosiri Campfield It is a campground.

    It is a particularly popular campground even in Hokkaido

    where delicious air is surrounded by great nature. 

     A company named famous snow peak also runs for advanced campers

    Because it is a campground, making a campsite that you can spend comfortably is very It is polite.  

    All the facilities of the campground are new and beautiful.  

    As you go up to the hill the scenery of the magnificent cultivated area is spreading.  

    On sunny days, it is also possible to see the beautiful starry sky to see the Milky Way attractive.  

    Regardless of which other reviews the lawn, which was laid throughout the campground,

    It is said that it is fluffy, well-drained and pleasant grass.  

    There are plenty of kinds of rental items, so it is safe to forget to prepare.  

    If you are going to go for a camping car from Chitose,

    prepare well and be safe You can enjoy camping.  

    By the way, shopping should be done in the city of Obihiro.  

    There is also Tokachigawa Onsen at less than an hour,

    so even after having enjoyed the camp I can do fine.  

    In the magnificent nature of Hokkaido, I forgot to forget the time all day,

    playing it It is very fun. It is also recommended for children.