In Mt. Hakodateyama


    If you come to Hokkaido, take a night view from Mt. Hakodateyama which is also selected as one of the world's three greatest night views 
    I recommend you look at it. 
    Mt. Hakodate used a highway from Chitose with New Chitose Airport, 
    It takes more than 3 and a half hours, so it's not a day trip. 
    Because it will be a long trip, here, to make the trip interesting, 
    You ought to borrow a camper and slowly stay overnight at the campsite. 
    First of all, it is not far from Mt. Hakodate that is recommended for that campground 
    Shiraishi Park It is recommended that you stay overnight at the hakodate auto campground. 
    The camper site has a 12 m long parking lot, power supply, water supply, sink, 
    Facilities such as dump station (sewage drain outlet) are substantial. 
    In any case, good access to Hakodateyama, well maintained 
    In the pleasant campground, the sea view from the hill is wonderful every season 
    It is a landscape. 
    Then I will return to the subject. 
    When around sunset, please head to Hakodate-yama. 
    In Mt. Hakodate, there is a chargeable ropeway, round trip 1280 yen, 
    You can climb to the summit at 780 yen each way. 
    Or there is a climbing road so there is also a free parking lot for climbing, 
    You can also go there by car. 
    By the way, the ropeway has done thorough safety measures, barrier-free 
    I am careful for the comfort of riding. 
    As the sunset crowds with tourists, when the most beautiful night view is seen 
    If you want to see a night view around 20 to 30 minutes after sunset, to be said, 
    Let's wait at the summit earlier than that. 
    Then, if you want to eat dinner while watching the night view, 
    There is restaurant, too and it is from 7000 yen per person in full course, 
    In that case I think that you can try making a reservation. 
    In Hakodate's journey where you can fully enjoy the best night view, food and outdoor 
    I want you to like Hokkaido more. 
    You probably want to visit many times.