In Northern Horse Park


    Recommended for those who want to enjoy various things such as pastures, activities and shopping in the garden I have a spot.  

    It is within 15 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport, It is Northern Horse Park.  

    There are about 1000 varieties of flowers and a botanical garden with a size of 10,000 tsubo. 

    And after all, touching the horse as the name suggests, It is a facility that you can enjoy. 

    Small ponies show us various shows, There is also "Happy Pony Show".  

    You can ride a sightseeing carriage or a horse riding staff ride horseback riding experience. 

    Other experiences such as enjoying full-scale horseback riding, various You can enjoy experiences related to horses.  

    Also, there are courses where cycling can be done because the site is wide, Driving on a five-seater ride called a land car, There are lots of activities as well.  

    If you think you are hungry, the cafe is also full of restaurants.  

    There is also a buffet restaurant so you can taste the famous Genghis Khan of Hokkaido.  

    To buy souvenirs, horses of horses are also used as motif cookies and key holders, I do not get tired of watching from horse related goods to sweets.  

    Enjoy shopping, food and activities as much as you want, This place is really recommended here as a facility that you can play like Hokkaido.  

    By the way admission is 800 yen for adults, 400 yen for dwarfs, infants are free. 

    If you do camping by using a camper as well as accommodation I think that you can leave active and comfortable memories.  

    Feel free to enjoy Hokkaido with nature, with family and friends It will definitely be a good memory.