In the blue cave in Otaru


    Although it is a famous blue cave in Italy, in fact, also in Hokkaido 
    Did you know that there is a blue cave? 
    The blue cave in Hokkaido is the blue cave in Otaru. 
    It is a special place that you can go only with small boats and sea kayaks. 
    First of all, please go to Otaru's Shioya place. 
    Shioya is a place about 20 minutes by car from Otaru city center. 
    There are several companies that are offering tours of sea kayaking and small ships there. 
    Before going, it may be smooth if you make those tours online. 
    The fee seems to be able to be around 5000 to 6000 yen for adults. 
    Aside from enjoying the sight from arriving at the blue cave, 
    It is characterized by being able to enjoy the thrilling adventure feeling of the route before reaching. 
    While passing through the cliff walls of the cliff and feeling the splashed waves, 
    It is really like an adventurer to aim for your destination. 
    Then, discovering the blue cave and entering, you can see the sight that is far from everyday 
    You can see. 
    Justly a world of light and blue. 
    The rugged appearance of the cave that the bats are living in, and the natural creatures are not artificial 
    If you see it, it will surely get excited. 
    Even if we have finished watching the blue cave, the tour will take time and take time. 
    There is play fun. 
    By the way, it takes about 1 hour for a small boat and about 3 hours for a sea kayak. 
    The Italian blue cave is a tour with a slightly different experience and sight 
    Once you join, I think it will be a good memory. 
    Where to get there in 12 minutes from Shioya, there is a white sandy beach called the Lan island coast 
    There is a camping place called "Otaru Orchido Coast Sakura Garden & Cottage". 
    Go on a camper now and play on your beautiful beach 
    Why do not you enjoy the outdoor trip after the blue cave?