In Masyu Lake


    The cleanest lake in Japan, the world's second largest water, Mashu Lake is in Hokkaido. 
    Lake Mashu is a caldera lake in Akan National Park in Teshikaga Town, Hokkaido Kawakami gun. 
    That beauty is exactly the best view in Japan. 
    When the water is transparent and seen from the top, it is very blue, the surrounding mountains are reflected on the surface of the water 
    I am making a wonderful view. 
    Lake Mashu is so called "lake Mashu of fog", it can be said that mist is built in 
    It is also famous for many things. It seems that mist is hanging for 100 days a year. 
    Those who met Lake Mashu on a sunny day are lucky. 
    However, Lake Mashu which is foggy is also very mysterious and beautiful, 
    The worth seeing is terrible. 
    Lake Mashu has three observation platforms, but the first time I recommend it for tourism, 
    It is the first observation platform. 
    It is said that the whole is overlooking easily, it is a landscape that seems to be Mashuhoko. 
    However, if there is time to spare, other observation platforms, also view from a different angle 
    I think that it is good to go as it can be seen. 
    By the way, at a distance of less than one hour from Mashuho, it is called "God's Pond" 
    Mysterious created by the underground water of Mashuu Lake