In Rokka no Mori


    With the famous Rokka Takumi, famous for Marsei butter sandwich,
    Flowers with a flower drawn on a flower pattern wrapping paper of Rokkatei by Naoko Sakamoto
    It was made from thinking that it would make a forest full of blooming real flowers
    It is one of the Hokkaido Garden Highway, a garden facility.


    A part of the facility was exhibited works by Rokka no Mori by Yoshihiko Tobari, a photographer living in Tokachi
    There is a Rokka Forest photo gallery,
    Works by Tokachi and Nakajinai village by Western artist Tomohiro Momose were exhibited
    There is Momose Hiromi Art House.


    In the cute and beautiful scenery like the picture book world,
    It is my hope to spend time thinking hard in Hokkaido
    I think that it will be memories that will remain in my mind.


    Hokkaido is dotted with famous gardens.
    As one of them, I would like you to visit the Rokka Forest.