In Sankaku ichiba


    The Otaru Triangle Market is as close as Otaru Station, 
    The name seems to have been attached because the land has a triangular shape. 

    In the triangular market, you can enjoy shopping first. 
    Based on the theme of "Zubari Cheap !!", across a narrow slope, 
    There are 16 shops on both sides. 
    Because you can buy seafood such as crab, sea urchin, shellfish, vegetables, fruits, etc., 
    It is perfect for picking souvenirs. 
    People in the store rhythmically sell it, you can enjoy just the atmosphere. 
    There are a lot of customers who are negotiating the price in the inside and it is familiar scenery in the local. 
    In Otaru Triangle Market there are 6 shops of dining. 
    Seafood bowl with fresh seafood from the sales floor, 
    You can make your own original bowl. 
    Every shop has a good reputation and it seems to be very delicious, so it is hard to choose. 
    Also, because it is located close to Otaru station, 
    Enjoying Otaru sightseeing on foot is also good. 
    I think that it is fun even if you go walking to the Otaru Canal while watching the cityscape.