It is Sun Palace Resort & Spa


      It makes me feel like I'm in the hot spring of Toya Lake, There is only a hot spring here.  


      It is Sun Palace Resort & Spa.  


      In the big outdoor bath, from the scenery of the refreshing morning clear lake, Landscape of a warm lake stained in orange in the evening, And in the evening, with a fantastic lake illuminated by lights, The opening date is different every year, but if you're lucky watching fireworks in front of you You can also experience an outdoor bath.  


      The pool is the best if you came with a family. Experience surfing at the wave pool! Even playing a powerful full-bodied water slider, Everyone is exciting from children to adults. There are also small children 's safe kids' lands.


      Also, in the surrounding sightseeing, it seems that the uplands of the domed volcano uplift and uplift By observation in detail, there is a famous Showa Shinzan worldwide. In addition, about 70 brown bears play in the garden of a wide bear ranch, You can see how relaxed you are, Showa Shinzan Kuma Ranch is located and it's powerful that you can not see in the zoo cage Ecology is a highlight.


     Toyako sightseeing has many memorable elements, We recommend Sun Palace Resort Spa.