North safari Sapporo


    The spot which can enjoy cure with an animal at Sapporo suburb
    Do you know north safari Sapporo?
    The very attractive zoo the contact in the neighborhood is made very important where.
    When entering, so a written promise to an accident and an injury is written.
    It's a charge in the order of arrival, in a Japanese monkey and a sloth, food doing
    A cuddle of a penguin and a fox is various, it can be experienced.
    Unusual lion fishing seems also fun in Japan, doesn't it?
    A thrill with dangerous animals writes a written promise at a dangerous forest, and can enjoy a perfect sense of distance.
    Something also uncommon to a meal is sold a lot.
    I'm interested in deep-fried mixed kebabs of a python and moto fried bean curd of a grasshopper with fearful curiosity.
    How about experiencing a theme park of the Ippu different sense type once by all means?