Forest Adventure Eniwa


    Eniwa City, which is close to Chitose, has high convenience of transportation. 
    Maoi Autoland, Mawaru Auto Campsite and other places where you can stay with a camper now are nearby. 
    If you are a camper, you can visit many spots near New Chitose Airport. 
    Among them, there are places where I am paying attention. 
    Forest Adventure Eniwa is here! 
    It is a popular activity facility throughout Japan and I just opened it last month. 
    It is a facility that enjoys thrilling by attaching a harness on the tree. 
    It looks a bit scary, but it looks very fun. XD 
    It may be for adults over children. 
    However, because there is a place for kids, it can be enjoyed enough. 
    Activities that directly taste nature in Hokkaido. 
    As it is close to Chitose, how about going playing on the first day and the last day of the camper's trip?