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    The trip of self-driving camping to Hokkaido with friends, was an alcoholic decision made unexpectedly on a birthday party night, which could also be called a right-away journey for just 2-to-3 month time of preparation. Planning to travel during kids’ two-week spring breaks, we began to apply for passports and book air tickets. Our friends Z and M were quite familiar with Hokkaido, so it was assured to let them take charge of the whole travelling schedule. However, it was still difficult to rent a satisfying camper in such short time that was in a good condition and had an appropriate model as well as a good price ratio. Then we started to Google in Chinese to find some better-known rental firms. In addition to easy reading, there were a lot of sharing posts in Chinese and some of them introduced a rental company that had campers of three sizes: S, M, L. But there was only one size-L camper left when we went to rent. Sadness….Although we tried best to search online and compared from many aspects, remaining cars of several rental firms that had a good performance ratio were not enough for our four families to rent, so we had no choice but to separately make reservations at different car-hire companies. Then I began to surf the Internet with Japanese. Yes, I don’t know a single word of the Japanese language, even the 50 syllables either. Technically, I could just understand the Chinese characters of Japanese. With the help of Google translation, copy and instructions of posts, I obtained much information on camper renting in Hokkaido in Japanese without any websites in Chinese. After that, I chose to rent the campers with toilet of a car-rental company RENTACAN HOKKAIDO according to only one picture (at a reasonable price). You can’t imagine how much important toilet is for me. Following was the URL of the rental company.


    Website Address:



    Then Z began to get in touch with each other. What was amazing was that Z could communicate with RENTACAN HOKKAIDO in English and they not only send English materials in the format of PDF (attach a link: also a short film showing details of some cars inside and outside (website link will be attached in the end, the interior decorations of the camper are seen clearly). It was because the video displaying the inside condition that we made our mind up to booking campers at RENTACAN HOKKAIDO more at ease. In the course of repeated communications by English e-mails, bargaining, reservation and Paypal payment, we succeeded in booking 3 cars of 3 kinds of models at RENTACAN HOKKAIDO. One camper was a trailer and that was so cool! And camper renting was done finally. Note: Not all rental firms can be related to in English. We just met with setbacks since either we couldn’t communicate linguistically through phone calls or there was no reply for English e-mails……We had to depend on friends who were good at Japanese to manage to book camping cars.




    This is just a page of English files they sent us which is briefly clear, and difference of all kinds of car models is easily to get right away at one sight.



    4/30 When we arrived at Hokkaido in the afternoon, RENTACAN HOKKAIDO sent 3 employees, driving 2 mini vans, to pick up our two families at the airport to the company, (Z and M rented camping cars at another rental company and Hao Xing family had arrived and were met early this morning). As soon as we got on the camping car, we got an English file with a beginning….. [It is about a 20-minute drive away from the airport to our company. And we regret that the 3 employees cannot speak English. We apologize for that……] What a thoughtful paper! (There is that much contents so I won’t belabor it here). It was very joyful to see the beautiful Mash when we got to the rental company, just as the picture below.




    Cool Mash We Booked. So Exciting!


    Looking back now, my mood is just as delightful as I find a new ship light in a second-hand shop!





    One more look at the ship light, so beautiful……


    Yes, the camping car looked great and very new and its body was quite clear and blinking. Therefore, it would be safe to say it was nine point five into new since I didn’t have a good knowledge of cars and could only judge by the exterior and interior. However, my husband thought it just running 20,000 kilometers didn’t mean anything. The most satisfying part of this Mash was its shared house, which was so comfortable for my family of five. At this moment, I appreciate Z and M silently in my heart because they suggested we rent a shared-house camping car while they themselves hired a car that was relatively ugly and not that new at the rental firm that had 3 kinds of size of cars: S, M, L. Overall, the first time to rent camping cars was a very pleasant experience.




    Photograph of a chair taken backward from the driver’s seat before covered with a mattress yet

    We slept like this, referring to a picture of a sleeping berth.





    Unfold downward, put the table down and pull up the chair cushion to assembly a bed. It just took a few minutes to stitch together easily even for the first time.




    The upper berth was pulled open, and then even one who had a poor hand-on ability could succeed putting on a cushion. Besides, there was a safety rod to prevent from sliding down during the drive.


    The upper berth was relatively suitable for kid and woman. Frustratingly, I had so much nocturnal make water that I had to sleep in the lower with two kids. My husband, 182 cm tall and weighing 90 kilograms or not, slept in the upper with one child. Because of his height, he had to bend a bit to straighten his legs, developing a massive set of cramps one morning when waking up……( Darling, thank you for loving me so much and letting me get out of bed at any time to go to toilet at night). 





    Free baby stroller was available. So sweet!


    Apart from the relatively new camper in a good condition, there is another thing that is worthwhile to share. I noticed that in the office of the rental company was a Combi baby stroller with a symbol “Free” on it when we tidied up the luggage into the car. So we asked the president if it was borrowed free and he answered, “No problem, welcome to use.” (The president had a really good knowledge of English. It was not until we asked that we knew all English e-mails were replied by the president personally). That was very nice indeed! We had thought that a 3-year-old kid didn’t have to take a cart so we didn’t carry off one to Japan. Thanks to this free baby stroller, we could walk everywhere easily for the next few days because it could be used for small things or clothes even if the kid didn’t take it.  




    Getting up and raising up the table at first, we had the deli of a hypermarket for breakfast, which was super rich actually~


    We had to rent a mobile toilet as the toilet bathroom of the Mash we rent was removed and became a storage space. Late to the step, all mobile toilets had have been leased by others, so I failed to rent one. (However, I bought a 100-yen keg in a drug store that night which was actually fairly useful ^_^). Owing to these sleeping bags, we could sleep well even there was big day and night temperature difference in Hokkaido. Although we purchased 3 more sleeping bags that could be used at 3 and 5 degrees Centigrade in Xiu Yue Zhuang, on the chilly mountains and lakesides these sleeping bags were really...not…enough~~~~~~




     There was a locker of four cells above the seating area. Each cell could be put in 2-person change of clothes for 4 or 5 days. The locker had better be locked by pressing a button while the vehicle was on the move.

    In fact, there was sufficient space for storage inside. We left suitcases at the rental firm and then put all luggage into the closets. We carried many clothes of 3 kids for a change of 5 or 6 days, including long-sleeved and short-sleeved T-shirts, coats and so on. Besides, Ke Wei brought a lot of diapers in case of need (Though kids had stopped using diapers during the day). In addition, my husband and I carried some simple clothing for a change of 3 or 4 days. On account of a damp cold actually, I hardly changed any clothes but underwear during the 9-day tour. But it did not when I took out the secret weapon “cherry honey paste”, I felt dry and comfortable immediately.




    The Two-cell Locker Above the Sink

    There was a two-cell locker above the sink whose space was enough for some food that didn’t have to be stored in fridge, such as bread, candies, cookies and the local snack we bought all the way. The food to eat was in the left cell while those to take back was in the right in case of a mess when packaging at last (It still took us almost 2 hours to package up everything though, as we really bought too many things). There was another place for big items, so we put baby strollers conveniently where was supposed to be the toilet.



    A small refrigerator just at the bottom left of the sink




    The small refrigerator was so significant and worked very well. The water, local produced beverage, milk and fruit we bought along the road could be stored in the fridge and its operation was very easy too. There was a rotary switch above to set the temperature as you wished. Upper the fridge was a drawer which was made use of to put a portable gas stove as well as some food.




    The sink in back of the Mash


    It was truly sweet that there were some disposable platters and glasses, chopsticks, scissors, plastic bags, a vat of hand sanitizer, a portable gas stove (Gas was self-provided), a blank notebook and a pen within every camper.





    The domestic sewage flowed into the left bucket while clear water, pumped by the tap, was stored in the right one.

    There was a wash-basin at the back of the car and a vet of hand sanitizer was already prepared beside thoughtfully. Inside the locker under the wash-basin were two buckets: one was for clear water fetched by ourselves and the other was for the wasted water. Opening the tap, clear water came from one and dirty water flowed into another. In general, a bucket of water was sufficient for brushing tooth, washing face and hands, but I did not recommend washing dishes or other things that might need plenty of water because water would be soon ran out of if so and then you had to carry water again.


    Rental: We rented for 9 days from April 30th to May 8th (including the busy GW, namely, the Golden Week from May 1st).




    Item and Rent Explanation on the Website


     The price was a little high since the time we rented was the Golden Week of Japan. However, the lease could be very nice on week day. If you feel the price of this rental firm is reasonable after comparing prices, then I strongly recommend RENTACAN HOKKAIDO in that its vehicles are truly clear, new and comfortable. Though Mash is comparatively small in space, its design of shared house ensures people have a good sleep. And Regard is larger and has a toilet for convenience, used just like those on the plane. Trailer will be recommended to contain more people if so. But driving a trailer really needs some courage and skills! (This time Hao Xing’s father, who is a mechanic and has no problem flying a flight, drove the trailer, still yelling “Ho-ho-ho” along the way~)




    (One by one from left)Size-L Camper of other family, Mash, Regard, rightmost trailer parked elsewhere for the time being.





    Supplementing a Photo of the Trailer





    Putting up a side canopy between two campers formed a little secluded space to stay.


    There was a side canopy aside the top of camper. No matter in the camping field or at the rest stop (A sort of infrastructure on Japanese road, similar to the rest station at service areas on highway, is provided for parking and staying overnight. Usually there are convenience stores, toilets and sometimes you can even find bathhouses and launderettes nearby). Gathering in a structure of mouth or and pulling upwards the side canopies, a little secluded space formed which was very cozy whether cooking or drinking and talking. Furthermore, there was nothing to worry about on a rainy day and the side canopies could offer a sturdy shelter on chilly mountains or by the lake, where parents could chat and be aware of kids’ activities at the same time.


    Digressions: Maybe because this Mash was too new and beautiful, people watched us with eyes ceremony almost everywhere we arrived. On top of that, almost every day someone came to consult us about the camper when we parked and some Japanese simply picked up the phone and started taking pictures~





    Camper on the move, quite steady and comfortable~~




    A picture taken from RENTACAN HOKKAIDO


    It is a pity that this company cannot be searched in Chinese online, or we could have booked all campers we needed the first time around. So please remember to search the keyword RENTACAN HOKKAIDO. If I have an opportunity to go to Hokkaido again, I will still choose RENTACAN HOKKAIDO. (Gossip secretly here: The campers our fellow friends rented at another rental firm were a little ugly and even the shuttles that met them at the airport were kind of poor too…)


    Website Address of RENTACAN HOKKAIDO

    Website Address of Fan Page

    Attaching the blog of RENTACAN HOKKAIDO where there are photographs of our family and the short film of the inside and outside appearance of campers. Welcome to refer!

    Mash (outside):

    Mash (inside):

    Mash (Night, full flat seat in living room):

    Mash (DAY time in living room):

    Mash (DAY time in living room and drivers’ seat):

    Recommend and Recommend again!!!!!!! Love it so much~~~~~~~~~~~




    Taking Kids to the Park to Pick up Acorns

    A big benefit of driving campers is that you can part at any time only if the general direction of schedule is planned. Then you may pick up some acorns in the park, stop to have some ice-cream or find a second-hand shop, an antique store in the alley. What’s more, you may as well ask an old grandfather what he is doing in the forest and find out he is picking wild herbs. The melting snow at roadside was the favorite of kids and so was the fox, raccoon and deer…I heard that an aunt in the car with Hao Xing family saw a bear right beside the Jinshan Lake where there’s a sign saying “ Watch Out For The Bear”. Every scene here is extremely attracting and just like a mobile house, we could get going when prepared and take a rest whenever we wanted…Hence, I fell in love with camping-car trip.



    We’re here to have ice-cream till full!





    The second-hand shop along the side of road


    Supplementary 1: I am going to share this travelling from the view of housewife as a supplementary in spare time.



    Thoughtful paper cards, coming in hand several times when we met Japanese who didn’t know English at all.


    Supplementary 2: Suddenly I thought of some details I’d like to share here. This rental company helped us prepare a cluster of cards that could cope with possible situations we might meet. The cards, size of a business card, were stringed together by a metal circle. For example, there was a card saying “Our family of five had two adults, three children who were separately 9, 6, 3 years old” in both English and Japanese. Certainly, there was a card saying the typr of oil for the camper. I’m not sure whether each rental firm is as thoughtful as this one, but I really appreciated the intentions of RENTACAN HOKKAIDO when I saw the cards.


    Supplementary 3: The Mash was equipped with heating and individual air-conditions (except air-condition inside the car). It is estimated that it must be super cozy and pleasant to have a sleep in Mash if going somewhere hot in summer.



    Police officer took my husband to the violation place and explained the circumstance.

    Until my husband showed the passport and the Japanese version of driver’s license, the traffic police didn’t know we were foreigners and motioned my husband to get off, then took him to the violation place to explain what had happed. It turned out that we did not stop when we passed the level crossing while the right way was to stop to glance this way and that for a few seconds and then continued driving after confirming there was no train coming…A bad driving habit from Tai Wan

    After returning campers, the employees of the rental company sent us off and just before we almost got to the airport, a younger employee who could barely speak English tried to understand why the traffic police stopped us through Google translation. Listening to our gesticulated description, they told us not to think too much because they just wanted to know the real condition. I thought to myself the Japanese police work so efficiently and let the rental company know everything at once. It was so lucky that we didn’t get a ticket. I sent a text to the president that I was so sorry that we didn’t realize there was such a




    My family

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